Enjoy the taste of home-baked goodness with all-natural ingredients.

The Story of Alice’s Pantry Treasures

Alice Gaultney combined her years of commercial cooking experience with a passion for all-natural, wholesome foods that are prepared with a personal touch. She gained fame in Central Virginia by providing friends with pre-mixed bags of ingredients for country-style yeast rolls.  Demand for her mixes and baked goods convinced her to launch her own home-based business.  That decision proved to be the right one when sales of her flagship product, Alice’s Yummy Yeast Roll Mix, resulted in a genuine entrepreneurial success story and earned the Virginia’s Finest trademark in 2010. Since then, her line of products has expanded to meet the growing demand from both home bakers and food fans.  Today, Alice’s Yummy Yeast Roll Mixes, along with a variety of baked goods and spreads, are available at local markets and restaurants in the Mid-Atlantic states.  You can find those locations listed here. Alice’s mixes, along with many other products, are also available from her online Shop. Alice’s Yummy Yeast Roll Mixes are pre-measured, hand mixed, and packaged individually. They are available in either a traditional white or 100% whole wheat mix.  Following the easy 1-2-3 instructions, your kitchen will soon be filled by the aroma of hot, fresh-baked rolls or bread: just like you remember from Grandma’s house!

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 Blessings from our oven to yours!

“My husband and I are new members of Fall Line Farms. One of the first things we tried was your Dilly Swiss Yeast Bread. Oh My Goodness!!! It’s the most incredible bread we’ve ever had!! Hands down fantastic!!” –Pam, Kents Store, VA

“YUMMY is right! Ordered through Fall Line Farms and made the bread last night. Super easy and beyond delish!!” –Susan,  Schools, VA