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Enjoy the taste of home-baked goodness with all-natural ingredients.Jars-and-Mixes-Square-1124x1124


We stock only the freshest and finest ingredients to make our All-Natural and Organic yeast roll mixes.Two-In-One Baking Mix - 2 boxes

Discover what you can create with our unbleached, Bromate-free, non-GMO mix.

Besides conventional dinner rolls and bread, our complete 2 in 1 Baking Mix can be used for many additional treats, including cinnamon rolls, flat breads, pastries, Stromboli, and so much more.

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Jams, Jellies, Marmalades, Preserves, and Spreads

JarsWhat goes better with freshly baked bread than a sweet (or spicy) spread?  We have a wide variety, available for shipping, in our online Shop.

Our assorted jams, jellies, marmalades, preserves, and spreads are made with fresh and all-natural ingredients.  Use them not only on toast or bread, but also on ice cream, meats, veggies, and much more.

Our signature “Sweet Heat Preserves” (made with habanero peppers, fresh sweet carrots, and sweet red bell peppers) pack a lot of heat with a touch of sweetness.  It complements well with cream cheese, grilled or baked meats and seafood.

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Honeys from Alice

New for 2016!    Honeys from Alice!

What?  You thought honey only came in one flavor and color?

Our honeys are organic, tasty, and personally selected by Alice.

They are raw, naturally unrefined, and unprocessed.  Our honey is local, meaning that the pollens are the same within a 400 mile radius.

The colors depend on the seasonal flowers from which the bees gather their nectar.

The flavors are Clover, Wildflower, Tulip Poplar, and Thistle, available in both jars and those precious little bears.

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Alice’s Pantry Treasures Cookbook


Alice’s Pantry Treasures also has a cookbook. What started out as a hand-written seasonal cook magazine back in 1982 has been revised as a cookbook now called Alice’s Pantry Treasures. It is completely handwritten, illustrated by hand, and consists of a kitchen-tested collection of recipes and kitchen hints that are still family favorites, some of which were passed down from generation to generation. A truly unique cookbook for all!

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Gift Assortments

Gift Basket on Table 2Gift Box - 2 spreadsGift Box - 3 spreadsGet 2 or 3 spreads as gift boxes, or assemble your own gift baskets.

Contact us for a personal consultation, to set up the ideal combination of ready-to-eat treats, mixes, and accessories.

“Your instructions were to a ‘T’. It was so easy to make and my husband loved having fresh bread… I was thinking of putting a package or two in a gift bag as well as some jams… Keep the dough rolling to me.” Debbie, Gloucester, VA