Alice Gaultney

AliceSince I was knee-high to my Mom (my best teacher and best friend), my passion has always been baking. I can remember the days of going to my Nanny’s house and watching her hand mix, knead, and bake her rolls and bread fresh. The smell was so inviting. We never did see her tried-and- true recipe: just her loving hands kneading the dough, popping it into the oven, and bringing hot and fresh bread to the table.

For years, my Mom and I worked together with my Nanny’s ingredients that put those same savory rolls and bread on her table. Mission accomplished: my Nanny’s roll recipe was recreated.

I soon found myself with loyal customers who wanted my Cheese Breads, Herb Breads, Fruit and Cinnamon rolls, Stromboli, and many more varieties of rolls and breads.

Church functions, catering, bake sales, farmers markets, and co-ops were my main venues. My breads soon became my signature product. As my breads became more popular, my customers soon began asking how to make their own at home.

I found myself bagging the mix for family and friends, and that’s when Alice’s Yummy Yeast Roll Mix was created, later earning the Virginia’s Finest trademark in 2010.

My passion for baking gave me years of experience in commercial cooking and as a personal chef. This same passion also drove me to create this delicious roll recipe that has already earned an outstanding reputation for the best rolls and breads in and around the region.

Alice’s Kitchen

KitchenMy home-based commercial kitchen was built in 2007, and is approved by the Virginia Department of Agriculture.

In the last 20 years, the Virginia’s Finest Review Committee in Virginia has sought out the products and goods of Virginians to award their prestigious trademark. We are now one of only 1,000 producers from across the state of Virginia who now display the trademark proudly.  All of Virginia’s Finest products have been deemed to be the best of the best.

On any given day, you can smell and savor our bread and roll varieties, such as Parmesan Garlic, Cheddar Cheese, Garden Herb, Cinnamon rolls, hot bread entrees, and so much more.

Using the same yeast roll mixes that you can buy in our Shop, we prepare a variety of baked goods to sell.  These breads, cakes, pies, rolls, other treats can be found at local co-ops, specialty shops, and farmers markets.