Honeys from Alice

Our honey is raw, naturally unrefined, and unprocessed.  It is local, meaning that the pollens are the same within a 400 mile radius.

The colors depend on the seasonal flowers from which the bees gather their nectar.   The flavors are Clover, Wildflower, and Tuplip Poplar.

Clover – A pleasing and familiar taste from fields of white clover

Wildflower – A blend of wildflowers produce a medium color and taste in a product that remains a popular elixir for allergies

Tulip Poplar – A dark amber honey that’s rich, robust, and full bodied, with a distinctive flavor and hue

Our honey is available in 8-ounce jars, 1-pound jars, and 12-ounce bears, and all carry the Virginia’s Finest trademark.

The entire line is available at select retail locations, as well as from our website.

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