Alice’s Yummy Yeast Roll Mixes are pre-measured, hand mixed, and packaged individually. They are available in either white or 100% Whole Wheat (a non- GMO and chemical-free flour).  Following the easy 1-2-3 instructions, your kitchen will soon be filled with the aroma of hot, fresh-baked rolls or bread: just like Grandma’s house!

Our mixes include:

  • Non-GMO and chemical-free wheat flour
  • Unbleached and Bromate-free flour (for the White Yeast mixes)
  • Pure cane sugar
  • Sea salt
  • Organic shortening
  • A packet of fresh, pre-measured yeast
  • A packet of spices (for spiced mixes)

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Here are some serving suggestions and fun ways to use our mixes, in addition to simply turning out great bread and dinner rolls.

2014 Cinnamon Rolls 300x225

Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Preparation Tips

Alice's Pantry Treasures -Mixing Bread Dough

2014 Hand Kneading 300x225

We use our Professional Kitchen Aid mixers, but you can certainly use a hand mixer that has a dough hook, a bread machine, or you can simply hand-knead.

The lost art of hand-kneading is actually quite simple to do. Using the palms of your hands and fingers, push down on the dough, stretch it with the palm of your hands, then fold the dough over and turn. Repeat for about ten minutes. I call it “playing in the dough.” Never use extra flour, as this can alter the texture of your bread or rolls with our mixes. Just dabbing a little canola or olive oil on your hands and your counter will keep your dough from sticking to both.

If you’re using a bread machine: follow the instructions for our roll mixes, and begin the process of mixing and kneading in your bread machine. After the kneading process is complete, remove the dough and place it in a bowl that is three times the size of your dough (for maximum rising). After the dough has risen, shape it into whatever you want to bake, whether it be rolls or loaf bread.


“If you’re looking for the taste and the heavenly aroma of homemade dinner rolls, Alice’s Yummy Yeast Roll Mix is the answer. Alice does all the work and you get the credit and enjoyment with little or no effort. The packaging elicits memories of good “country” kitchen tastes and aromas.” Gabriella, Stonington, CT