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Spreads on Breads

Enjoy the fresh taste of nature’s goodness in Alice’s jams, jellies, marmalades, preserves, and other spreads.  Alice has captured the best of country classics and her own original recipes in this wide assortment.  Their bursting flavors will make a routine meal into something special, and they are a welcome change to your usual snacking or entertaining fare.

Alice’s Pantry includes spreads that are sweet, of course, but she also features some that are both sweet and spicy.  Here’s how Alice describes it: “Due to an abundance of habanero peppers in our garden one year, I found myself experimenting with them while creating some type of jelly or preserves. I thought, ‘Let’s keep the heat, but add some sweetness to the pepper.’ My Sweet Heat preserves, made of habaneros, sweet carrots, and red bell peppers, are now very popular in our region and beyond.”

Our entire line of spreads is available at select retail locations, as well as from our website.

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