Dilly Stuffed Ham and Cheese Rolls


1- package of Alice’s Yummy All-Natural Yeast Roll Mix (Traditional White or 100% Whole Wheat)
2 teaspoons fresh chopped dill
1-1/2-cups of fully cooked chopped ham
1-1/2-cups grated Swiss or Sharp Cheddar cheese

Add fresh chopped Dill to roll mix in mixing bowl. Mix roll mix according to the directions on package.
After the first rise, pinch out or form 12 large balls, let rest 3-5 minutes
Turn dough ball over, press in center, add 1oz. of the ham and 1oz. of the cheese
Fold and pinch to seal, put on a greased baking sheet seal side down
Let rise double in size.
Bake according to directions on package.
Brush with butter, serve hot or warm.

Print Dilly Stuffed Ham Cheese Rolls Here